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Roxy Mendez Rocks Her Cookie Monster Panties!

Don’t you just want to take a bite out of THAT meaty pussy??!!

Roxy Mendez is one smoking hot, 24 year old, brunette, latina / hispanic babe!

And we love her Cookie Monster cotton panties!!

And Roxy’s large, meaty pussy lips look positively de - licious 

Roxy has a perfect body with gorgeous natural breasts, strong, lean legs, a perfect round ass too!

It’s cookie time with Roxy!

Give us a little nibble, Roxy! We promise it will be good and yummy! 

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Yvonne Baker Has BIG Nipples and BIG Pussy Lips!! 

Yvonne Baker is a horny brunette girl next door who is just looking for action!

We love her huge natural breasts and those huge salami slice nipples are the bomb!

And we nearly lost it when we saw her creamy, wet, big, meaty luscious pussy lips are covered in her juices!

Yvonne likes the anal stimulation too! Her orgasms are hard, long and strong!

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Meet all natural 28 year-old Hispanic brunette college student Mila Marquez. She’s 5’ 3” tall with lovely, natural 34 C breasts. Mila admits that it takes her some time to really orgasm, but all good things come to those who wait ;-) And, being the good girl that she is, Mila didn’t start masturbating until she was 22 years old! Only six years ago! 

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Hi Fellow “O” Lovers! 

I always find it amazing just how quickly time seems to go by. And it just keeps accelerating … we’re almost at the end of the first quarter of 2014 already! Is there a better excuse to cut our fellow enthusiasts some slack and save you some of your hard earned moolah? 

But just for fun, we thought we would do this a little differently this time. ;-) We’re NOT going to tell you exactly what kind of a break you’ll get … it can be any amount at anytime! But you’ll need to use coupon code “Mystery” (without the quotes) at check-out and you will ALWAYS get a minimum of 15% off. But it could be higher, depending on when you check out! We’re trying this for a few days only, so don’t wait too long.

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Woah! Sam Looks HOT in that Lingerie!!

Samantha Bentley is a hot blue eyed brunette British pornstar!

And she enjoyed a lot of real orgasms - just for us :-)

Here, Samantha Bentley is stripping out of very sexy lingerie before having two, real, pussy, popping orgasms in this incredible scene! 

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Yvonne is dressed in shades of pink and burgundy, standing in front of the love seat. She takes off her pink top revealing her wine coloured bra. She takes off the bra, revealing her large, natural breasts, which she promptly fondles and caresses. She turns around to peel off her pink pants, then she lies back on the love seat and tosses her wine coloured panties to the floor. She settles back, getting comfortable on the tan sofa. She massages and rubs her pussy, enjoying her warm-up. Yvonne reaches behind a sofa pillow for a purple penis shaped vibrator. She licks the toy, then inserts it into her pussy and across her clitoris. We can hear the wetness building as Yvonne strokes herself with the toy, inserting it deep and pulling back on her mound or fondling her breasts. The camera moves in for a few closer views of her large labia. After a bit, Yvonne finds and fires up a little silver lipstick vibe buzzer. She works the buzzer on her clit while she strokes her pussy with the purple penis toy. We enjoy a full body of view of her masturbating with her large breasts jiggling. Then we switch to close-up view of her fucking and vibing her pussy. Her pussy goo is clinging to her bottom and to the toy as she strokes - so fast. We move back to a full body view as Yvonne decides to turn off the small vibe and reach for everybody’s favourite - the magic wand! She keeps the purple penis toy stroking as she uses the wand, too. The camera gets up close as Yvonne removes the penis toy and we can really see all of her creamy wetness! Then we’re full body view again as she parts her large labia, rocking up and down with the wand. Yvonne starts to whimper, pant and moan. She says “Woooo”, going deep, and moaning as she pants out this strong, long, wet, pussy pulsing orgasm! Her inner thighs quiver as she cums - in full body view - and we can still see all of her contractions. The view switches back to a close up and we can see all the creamy, wet, white, stringy juices flowing from her pussy. She is working the toy on low power. She dips a finger or two into the base of her vagina, smearing some of the wet goo around her large labia. She turns off the toy as we move out to full body view once more. She relaxes and recovers on the sofa. 

15 minutes 51 seconds | 720p | MP4

Chloe Toy outside orgasms

Chloe Toy outside orgasms

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